Love makes deliciousness

Fast & Delicious Dishes
1 min readDec 2, 2020


Hello everyone,

This is my first blog that I am going to share with you about all of my fast and delicious foods that I make at home. I usually make the food with what ever we have in the fridge and I create them spontaneously. Shockley, most of them come out delicious and unique. Also some of them end up with a terrible taste, but don’t worry, I will keep them with me ;)

Do you want to know about me?

I am a Mom of a 3 years old, a wife and a full time employee, working as a web developer. I paint in my spare time and bake cake for friends’ events. You can follow me on Instagram #arenita_art for my painting and #cakeland.canada for my cakes.

You already know how crazy I am and if you want to know how I handle all of these things I should tell you just with love. I love creating new things and this is the only thing makes me happy.

So stay tuned for the new recipes coming soon.

This blog is dedicated to my beloved husband, who always inspires me and encourage me with his positive comments.